The Company

The Company

Protect has been active in the agricultural EPI market since 1993, always focusing on the quality of its equipment and the protection of its users. Active throughout Brazil, Protect also exports to Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

All our clothes are made with the responsibility of those who care about the well-being of the farmer in the field.

Our lines of EPIs are geared towards the most diverse cultures, worked with different fabrics and produced through field tests for greater comfort and safety of the applicator. Our treatment with fluorine carbon oil is differentiated, which provides great resistance and increases the number of washes of the EPIs.

Brazil is one of the largest food producers in the world and to conquer this place, it has many researches and applications of pesticides that help in the fight against pests and diseases and that in no way intend to contaminate people. The use of PPE is essential. Our values are geared to the health of farmers.

According to the Aurélio Dictionary, to protect is to defend, to preserve, to protect and to protect. Are we going to plant this seed together?

The Protect Quality

Quality in personal protective equipment in agriculture

The use of this seal indicates that the company is concerned with the quality of the equipment it produces, with the safety they provide to the worker, and that it invests in the continuous improvement of the PPE.

PPE is serious and must comply with several manufacturing criteria so that the life of the rural worker is not at risk. This stamp indicates the quality standard of Agricultural PPE, so you can rest easy when setting your purchase.

Maximum Field Protection